RARE-e-CONNECT has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation to produce research in two areas:

  1. the impact of the proposed technology in fostering collaborative knowledge construction and peer-to-peer psychosocial support between Healthcare Professionals and between patients respectively.  
  2. the potential of this technology to promote expert knowledge dissemination, contribute to the reduction of inequalities and time needed for accessing diagnostic facilities and in the longer run waive the need for regular patient travelling abroad for health evaluations, contributing thus to the reduction of the underlying financial burden. 

Bringing together geographically-dispersed healthcare professionals and patients, the RARE-e-CONNECT electronic platform provides the only interactive forum in Cyprus to share and discuss rare diseases and treatments, which also has the potential to generate information for the formulation of national RD-related standards. This information will be collected, analysed and channelled to thecompetent authorities and decision-makers. 

In short, RARE-e-CONNECT outcomes will be used to explore impact, sustainability and expansion mechanisms of such technology solutions for knowledge dissemination, disease-management and the provision of quality healthcare services in rare diseases and elsewhere.   

By participating in RARE-e-CONNECT, you participate in research as described above.