Possover International
Obstetric & Perinatal diseases
Other Recognized Accreditation
Gynaecological oncology, surgical endometriosis treatment and Neuropelveology


Prof. Dr. Marc Possover, Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, Certified specialist for gynaecological and oncological surgery, Pioneer and Founder of Neuropelveology discipline



  • Hyperactive bladder, urinary and fecal incontinence, urinary retention
  • Neuropathic pelvic pain
  • (genital, groin, pudendal, back, sciatic pain etc.)
  • Pelvic bone and nerve tumors
  • (teratomas, swannomas, osteocheondrosarcomas etc.)
  • Loss of spinal cord functions after spinal cord injuries    
  • Sexual disorders in women and men


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The centre has received International and/or local recognition in either of the following criteria:

  • has been awarded by national or international external audit organisations evaluating clinical, operational and patient perception of hospitals around the world (i.e., Focus Magazine, MINQ Research Institute, ISO 9001, Task Force for Rare Diseases),
  • has a substantial record of published scientific research in the area of expertise
  • participates in clinical and research networks
  • constitutes a clinical trial site